ZIG ZAG line


Products from the Zig Zag line are for indoor and outdoor use, thanks  to the high percentage of active components. We give possibility to our business partners, additional offer to pack our products from different lines, into special and visable displays.





ZIG ZAG Tropical line - Only for pharmacies


The special formula of Tropical Pharma Lotion protects against insects and ticks, specially produced for parmacy distribution.  A product that specializes in repelling ticks is part of a special program to protect the entire family in order to avoid the diseases that these insects transmit.





TOP 1926 shoe care


Top 1926 products for the protection of all types of footwear are part of the traditions of our home company Deisa Ebano, from Italy, which has been producing and distributing to the European market for more then 90 years. Mother company Deisa Ebano with 35 recepies make cosmetics  to introduce it in the market in Serbia.





HoReCa line


Following costumers needs  for specialized goods, we  are offering  a range of products designed for the HoReCa channel.  Especially, emphasizing Voila Spray and wet wipes that remove stains with all kinds of fabrics, intended for  guests who are using services in restaurants; as well as a wide range of decorative insect protector candles, during the meals, and Profumo Puro rooms air fresheners,  in 3 fragnancies.





Products for household


Our clients can protect their families and homes, using several types of domestic spray insecticides, from flying and crawling insects, and we are especially proud on Vespaio product,  against the wasps and hornets and their hives. We also offer a wide range of products to refresh clothes, wardrobes and drawers and protected.


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