Produced in Serbia, by Italy


Deisa Ebano born in 1926 and since than belongs to the Rossi’s family. Now it’s third generation, produces and sells with the same passion and makes footwear products, with brands Ebano, Calzanetto and TOP 1926 brand, for the insecticides with Zig-Zag’s brand and for the home cleaning products with other brands.


Deisa Ebano has resisted the challenges of continuous market changes.


Top Deisa doo as daughter of  company Deisa Ebano with production plant in Lajkovac  exists since 2014 and  producing  and distributing TOP products, Zig Zag assortment and Profumo Puro brand for home and professional use.


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Deisa Ebano has resisted the challenges of continuous market changes, witnessed the decimtion of small com- petitor companies and it has been able to renew itselves over time, backing it historical products with new ones paying attention to consumers’ needs, without ever losing sight of the maximum quality and impeccable service wich has always distinguish it.



Wide variety and detailed range of accessories provides the Shoe Care line.


A business philosophy characterized by the search for quality and ongoing renovation made Ebano a company of reference for millions of costumers.






In order to offer our business partners the maximum speed and efficiency of distribution of products produced, Top Deisa d.o.o. has a unique relationship with customers, because our main rule is that we treat different buyers differently, and with each customer we establish and develop a special and specific contact. Such a relationship is based on successful cooperation and mutual respect.

In addition to offering the best possible assortment and market conditions, we help our partners, with distribution of our products, in order to get the goods delivered in the fastest way.



In our fleet we have vehicles of different capacities. Distribution in the territory of Serbia is carried out personally and through our distributors who supply the central warehouses of our customers.