Top Deisa d.o.o. is a new company specialized for the production and filling of chemical sprays and liquids for mass consumption.


Top Deisa d.o.o. was established in 2014. We have the know-how and the experience of our parent company Deisa Ebano SpA. Since 1926 Deisa Ebano SpA has been producing and distributing products for shoe care, domestic insecticides and products for home hygiene maintenance.


Top Deisa finished the procedure for obtaining the certificate ISO 9001 during 2015 using the staff and the experience of Italian technical managers.

Top Deisa d.o.o. has the production capacity of several millions of bottles and spray cans so that it could fulfill all requests from potential buyers. We have production capacity in case of special request by the client to develop special formulas for our product lines.



Deisa Ebano consequently  with TOP deisa doo started a production and filling of aerosol bottles which contain EXCLUSIVELY not damaging gas for atmosphere.


Top Deisa doo is located in the industrial zone of Lajkovac (14 000 squaremeters in total) in the region of Valjevo, 60 km away from Belgrade and is easily accessible via new highway which connects Belgrade and Montenegro.

Top Deisa doo is probably the only company in the whole Balkan able to fill aerosol bottles in different size and capacityto the highest criteria and standards set by FEA.


Top Deisa doo is capable to meet the needs of the most demanding clients by producing Private Label, Aerosol bottles made of aluminum and tinplate, in different sizes and capacity. We have several liquid filling lines for small and medium-sized plastic bottles.


Contract Manufacturing


Authorised by  the Ministry of Health Top Deisa already produced already registrated formultions following European biocide laws, on request else for third parties.


Upon a client’s request we can offer personalized production of various articles such as insecticides, repellents, air fresheners, textile fresheners, products for furniture maintenance and accessories, products for shoe care, etc.


Private label


Top Deisa doo produces and presents its products and is capable of production of Private Label for mass distribution.


Top Deisa has the possibility to use important, almost a century old experience of DeisaEbano SpA ( in the field of FastMovingCostumers Goods, while studying, creating and producing avantgarde products in specific sectors like Shoe Care and domestic insecticides, for which it owns biocide authorizations and makes them available within the European Union.


Top Deisa doo is also specialized for the production of specific repellents against mosquitos and ticks in spray or liquid forms with pump (trigger) which is safe for the skin. The formula is based on efficient active ingredients mixed in tested formulas approved by several European Ministries of Health.

Top Deisa doo has considerable expertise in realization of products for cleaning textiles and fabrics in spray form, which are leading products in Italy and are export into various European countries in which this kind of product was previously unknown.

Some of our products include:



Insecticides for flying insects, spray


Insecticides for non-flying insects, spray


Spray for common spiders


Mosquito repellent


Mosquito repellent,


Tick repellent, spray


Anti bite body milk


Dry spray, airfreshener


Spor remover spray


Waterproof shoe care spray


Fresheners for shoes and shoe closets, spray


Liquid shoe polish, various shades